Imagine if the entire military budget for a nation went to creating and arming a new class of soldier.

Autonomous drone fighters that can do it all.

Then imagine control of these super-soldiers got into the wrong hands.  Kids!



THE CHALLENGE:  Mattel Inc. asked me to consider a way to open up a story-driven line that opened up a new kids demographic.  Over the course of a month, my team an I created ATLAS X.  The story was thrilling, as was the market size.  There are over $155 million spent on action-related figures and vehicles every year.  As compared to superhero action figures, these are toys with "realer" themes like military, ninja, cowboy, and the competition in this space was small and fractured.  

With the demise of G.I. Joe, there was a huge space to be taken.



There is epic potential for the feature.  A live-action story telling how a group of kids got in way over their head, and ended up controlling battle drones in some foreign jungle.  Nothing less than the future of the world is at stake!  Think War Games meets Transformers.  And the episodic animation show would follow-up, as we follow the kids in their new role.



Nothing is more natural to a combat story than a combat game.  Not wanting to compete with the massive first-person shooters, this one was conceived as an app like Clash Of Clans.  The goal is to build the perfect drone in the HQ, then field it to battle other players--even while you sleep.  Add rocket boot, plasma guns, captaincy intelligence...but you only get the resources if you play to win!



A series of graphic novels, targeting boys 8-11, takes the story deeper, into the rise of a rogue state, one that works without rules, and the arrow-shooting drone soldiers they create.