Four fast-loving boys grow up in a small town, always loving cars and racing.

But when a strange vehicle comes to town, spewing purple exhaust that transforms the city into monster pigeons and criss-crossing orange track, our kids suddenly find they are the most important heroes in town.

The only problem?  They're kinda crazy.

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THE CHALLENGE:  Mattel Inc. wanted to extend their premier brand.  Although Hot Wheels was celebrating consistent slow growth, they wanted to find a way to bring entertainment to the line.  But how do you make cars the stars?  Unless they get eyes and talk (which was against brand values), then they could never be effective characters.  What's more, research and instinct told us that action sells toys, but humor gets eyeballs.  Our solution was Team Hot Wheels.  I conceived of the idea, wrote the story, guided the scripts, and produced.  



In all, I produced three full-length movies for Mattel, writing the scripts for two, and cracking story for all.  They were overwhelming well received by our core audience, boys 4-6.


  • Highest tested show in Mattel history.
  • #1 rated show on Cartoon Network on airing Saturday.
  • #2 show overall in time slot (behind Spongebob).

"It's an interesting concept: selling traditional, well-known, and beloved toys by releasing a very funny, character-driven movie that will appeal to adults as well as kids and that will hold up for repeated viewings. The Lego Movie did it but with a much bigger budget, movie stars, and a major studio launch. TEAM HOT WHEELS: THE ORIGIN OF AWESOME manages to accomplish a similar feat on a smaller scale."



Using the strategy of characters as support to  cars, the vehicles in the show were featured with animation characters on the front panel.