They are the unlikeliest of friends.

One is a Dino Trux--a huge mechanized beast, part dinosaur, part truck, all awesome.

The other is a Reptool--a tiny mechanic that comes from a downtrodden species.

But together they discover a friendship that resets their entire mechanized existence, forms a new civilization, and helps all their friends succeed!

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THE CHALLENGE:  Mattel Inc. and Dreamworks have a long and successful licensing partnership.  But the CPG potential for many of the features wasn't matching the success of shops like Disney and Saban.  

Jeffrey Katzenberg asked my story team to collaborate with the studio creative to develop--from the ground up--an animated show that could spawn many years of toy revenue.  We started with a sweet spot: combining two platinum themes for boys.  DINOSAURS and TRUCKS.  It was a natural fit.  Young boys see dinosaurs in the garbage truck anyway.  

From that insight, DIno Trux was born.  On this project I worked with Dreamworks to break the initial stakes, characters, and appeal.



The first need was to develop a story.  The idea for DinoTrux initially came from a preschool book.  Although the basic idea of DINO meets TRUCK was brilliant, the story and design needed to be aged-up.  

And the characters needed to be given powers and personalities that would translate into great toys.

In partnership with Dreamworks, I created the initial concepts, strategy and pitches to execs



After the successful pitches to senior execs and Katzenberg, I co-developed a robust show bible that included story, character bios, art, long arc, multi-year plan, and rollout.

The show was ready to go DINO, and get TRUCKIN'!



The DinoTrux show was produced by Dreamworks, and aired on Netflix.

The first ten episodes aired 8/15, and the show has a successful three-year run.


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