The first thing I needed was a good term for it. 

Something to describe a booming new space--the intersection between commerce and entertainment, the increasingly blurred lines between shelf and screen, and the storycraft that goes into making that marriage a success.  

I am a trained screenwriter, with an MFA in screenwriting from USC.  I've worked on Madison avenue, and later as an executive at Mattel Inc. for thirteen years.   Along the way I've gained empathy for those that have to stand on the bottom line, and I've brought creativity as a solution.  At the same time that we were making toys that needed shows, the shows came to us needing more toys.  And it was during these experiences that I realized.

Any thing can have a story...

and benefit immensely. 

Any story can have things... 

and benefit immensely. 

And I decided on myterm.  What I offer is: The Story Of Things.  Whether you need to find a story for your CPG brand, or need to find CPG for your story brand, I can plan and write for you across multiple platforms, and I can help you succeed.